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Preparing for Rain

While we havent had very much rain this season. We will get rain here in the Sierras.  Deluges like the one we had in the fall are a reminder that a lot of rain in a short time period can cause inconvenience and possibly property damage. Here are some tips from the El Dorado County’s …

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Keep a Lid on Blowing Garbage

Have you ever come home to find your neighbor’s trash strewn about your landscape? Blustery weather increases the chance that trash can lids will blow off or that whole trash cans will be knocked over. Don’t be scattered to the four winds; with a little planning, your trash will stay in its container. We spoke …

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Is Your Home Prepared for Winter?

Colder nights are here and it won’t be long before winter weather arrives. Take a few minutes now to weatherize your home before problems occur. Simple preparations now can help prevent problems later. Outdoors Disconnect hoses from hose bibs. Drain and store hoses. All hose bibs can benefit from freeze-proof Styrofoam covers. Turn off the …

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