Committees are the lifeblood of any organization and that is especially true in  Gold Ridge Forest Property Owner’s Association.  Are you interested in joining a committee?  Please fill out the form below.

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Policy and Oversight

Budget and Finance


Recreation and Community Activities

Nominating Committee

Neighborhood Watch

CC&R Committee

Budget and Finance

Overall Roles and Responsibilities The purpose of the Budget and Finance Committee is to ensure that dues assessments by the Association are reasonable and necessary and that expenditures by the Association are prudent and appropriate. Members of the Budget and Finance Committee study and make recommendations concerning the monthly/annual Association dues amount, develop and make …

Communications Committee

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to work together with the GRFPOA Board, management, and staff, to inform, engage, and educate residents and other interested parties regarding issues important to their understanding of, and participation in, the neighborhood. Members of the Communications Committee endeavor to ensure that HOA communications increase resident awareness of neighborhood …

CC&R Committee

The purpose of the CC& R Committee is to work together with the GRFPOA Board, management, and staff, to review the CC&R’s and make suggestions for review of the CC&Rs. Members of the CC&R Committee endeavor to ensure that POA Covenants, Conditions and Regulations reflect the desires of all property owners within the Association. The …

Greenbelt Committee

The Greenbelt committee is made up of Volunteers exclusively from the Gold Ridge Forest Property Owners’ Association. Our purpose is to help create a fire safe environment within our community, and to help keep the hiking trails in our Greenbelt areas free of obstructions. The Committee has varied in number of members over the years …

Neighborhood Watch

Our nation is built on the strength of our citizens. Every day, we encounter situations calling upon us to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement. Not only does neighborhood watch allow citizens to help in the fight against crime, it is also an opportunity for communities to bond through service. The Neighborhood Watch …

Nominating Committee

Description of Committee The Nominating Committee is responsible for recruiting candidates for the Board of Directors prior to the annual election and preparing a list of nominees for the vacant Board positions in the election. The Committee arranges for publication of information about the election in the newsletter and inclusion of candidate statements in the …

Policy Oversight

The purpose of the Policy Oversight Committee is to review, evaluate and make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the Association’s policies, rules and guidelines that govern Gold Ridge Forest. The Committee is charged with developing a detailed knowledge of the Association’s mandatory, administrative and architecture policies, rules and guidelines and of understanding the …

Recreation/Community Activities Committee

Recreation and Community Activities Committee The purpose of the Recreation Committee is to monitor park and recreation facilities and activities and to make recommendations for improvements, upgrades and additional facilities to the Board of Directors. The Committee is to continually monitor recreational needs and interests of residents and make recommendations to the Board to meet …