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Greenbelt Committee

The Greenbelt committee is made up of Volunteers exclusively from the Gold Ridge Forest Property Owners’ Association. Our purpose is to help create a fire safe environment within our community, and to help keep the hiking trails in our Greenbelt areas free of obstructions.

The Committee has varied in number of members over the years but currently stands at 2 members. We would like to involve more members and perhaps create workdays to help clean up the greenbelt.

We are always looking for grants to help with the Greenbelt cleaning and provide fire breaks in the Greenbelt areas directly adjacent to our housing.

When Grants are obtainable, there is an ongoing grooming project for areas that border our Greenbelt to help reduce the fire hazards of living in a “Wildland/Urban Interface Area”.

We don’t think of it as work; we think of it as a free exercise program. Everyone works at his or her own speed.

Anyone wishing to join the committee can contact the office at 530-644-3880.