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Policy Oversight

The purpose of the Policy Oversight Committee is to review, evaluate and make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the Association’s policies, rules and guidelines that govern Gold Ridge Forest.

The Committee is charged with developing a detailed knowledge of the Association’s mandatory, administrative and architecture policies, rules and guidelines and of understanding the source and status of such policies and rules. The committee systematically reviews such policies, rules and guidelines for the purpose of making recommendations to the Board as necessary to update, revise or abrogate them.

Members of the Committee also oversee and make recommendations regarding the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), including the ARC’s composition, funding, fee structure, rules and guidelines adopted by the ARC and implementation of ARC’s decisions.

The Committee further oversees and makes appropriate recommendations concerning the Association’s administrative enforcement and appeal procedures, as well as the Association’s fine schedule and notice procedures.

The Committee is made up of a chair and other members who are appointed by the Board of Directors. The Committee meets at least bi-monthly (i.e. every other month) or as often as reasonable and necessary. The committee will remain in existence until it has completed a review of the Associations’ rules and guidelines and the Board has finished with all of the committee’s recommendations