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 Part of what makes Gold Ridge Forest an enjoyable place to live is the maintenance of landscapes and building structures and the absence of inoperable cars or recreational vehicles parked in driveways and in front of homes. Compliance helps protect the property values for all, while helping to maintain the pre-eminence of Gold Ridge Forest  as a community.

To safeguard the aesthetics of the community, the Association works with owners to maintain – or achieve – compliance with the Rules and Regulations that govern Gold Ridge Forest. Board members regularly visits the many different “area” that together make up our community to be on the lookout for obvious violations of Gold Ridge Forests’  governing documents. The Association also investigates and responds to complaints from residents.

Our CC&R director serves as an educational resource for owners. Our goal is to help residents understand Gold Ridge Forest Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Architectural Guidelines and Construction Regulations, which identifies compliance procedures. Should violations be noticed, we communicate with owners, educating them on the rule or regulation in question, and explaining what actions need to be undertaken to bring a property in to compliance.

Please visit our library of compliance articles from the Gold Ridge Forest newsletter to familiarize yourself with some of the common issues and solutions.

Please direct your compliance related questions to the Gold Ridge Forest Property Owners Association Office Manager: 

4101 Opal Trail | Pollock Pines, CA  95726

Telephone: (530) 647-3880 | Fax: (530) 647-0845 | Email:

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