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Moving to Gold Ridge?

Although our website was developed primarily for our residents, we know there might be questions from people who are interested in purchasing a home in Gold Ridge. We welcome you to this page and encourage you to review the information we have provided below. We have tried to include many of the questions that would be asked by future homeowners moving to our community, however, if you have a particular question that is not answered below please feel free to email:

Buyer Related Questions

How many homes are there in Gold Ridge? How many people live in the community?

Gold Ridge Forest Property Owners Association consists of 627 single family homes. It is estimated that Forest Heights has a population of approximately one thousand residents.

What are the sizes of homes in Gold Ridge? Price ranges? 

In our community you will find a wide variety in both the size of homes and in their architectural styles. From Mountain Cabins to ranch house style to Executive homes sizes can range between 1,000 sqft to over 6,000 sqft. With this large a range in home sizes, there is also a large range in home prices. We recommend you contact a local realtor for specific information on the Pollock Pines real estate market. If you know the address of a particular home, we encourage you to visit the website Zillow for a full property description which includes the square footage and a history of sale prices.

What are the property taxes like for homes in Gold Ridge Forest?

The best way for you to get tax information for a specific property in Gold Ridge Forest is to visit Zillow website. Simply enter the address of the property you are interested in and click the ‘search’ button. In addition to property tax information, this website will automatically link to the El Dorado County Assessor’s website which will provide you property assessment history.

Approximately how much are the Annual dues and what do they cover?

Every homeowner pays annual dues of $352 (or $88 quarterly), These assessments support the maintenance & landscaping of ?? acres of common area, maintenance of the lodge, cabana and pool area. Dues also cover compliance and architectural review enforcement and a staff of 2 full-time employees and 4 seasonal employees.

What kind of population breakdown do you have in Gold Ridge?

According to the 2010 census, Gold Ridge Forest is home to approximately 1,000 who collectively make up a wide range of statistics. Of the total population, families with children are at 38.3% and  families without children are at 35.5%. Single individuals make up approximately 26.2% of the Gold Ridge population. The largest age range is between 40 and 64 (40.5%), while those between 22 and 39 rank at 26% of the population.

Are there homes for rent in Gold Ridge Forest?

The association does not require owners to inform us if they are renting their homes, therefore we cannot provide a listing of rentals in the community. We encourage you to use online search tools like contact the local property management companies in Pollock Pines.

Realtor Transaction Information

We’ve put together the following resource materials for real estate agents who are selling homes in Gold Ridge. If you are an agent and have questions about Gold Ridge Forest Property Owners Association or the information below, please send an email to Realtor Information for Gold Ridge Forest Property Owners Association >Property Owners Assessments/Dues …

HOA Assessments

How much is the Gold Ridge Forest HOA Annual Assessment? All owners of a residential lot within the Gold Ridge Forest POA property boundaries are legally required to pay the Gold Ridge Forest Property Owners Association Assessment. The Gold Ridge Forest POA is currently $388.00 and is due on January 1st. Additionally, you may pay …