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Upcoming Election

All of the information regarding the upcoming election is right here!!

Candidate Solicitation Notice 2018


Questions for the Candidates

1. How much time do you have to devote to this position and are you willing to become familiar with the CC&R’s, read meeting packet materials, minutes, financial statements and correspondence prior to Board Meetings?  In other words, will you be prepared and engaged in the ongoing operations of our association?

2. Why do you want to be on the Board and what do you bring to the table to help the association?

3. If I had a unique problem, how would you handle it for me, with the Board and overall for the association?

4. If you wanted to change any association rule or amend the documents, what would they be and why so?

5. Will you be readily accessible to our property owners?  How do we contact you with questions; should we attend the meetings, or call you, or contact you through management?

6. What is your vision of our association?  What would you like to achieve during your term in office?

7. Is your property currently in violation of any association rule or regulation? Have you followed the proper process for GRF Board approval of any improvements to the exterior of your property and/or tree removals?

8. How well do you work with other people and do you consider yourself to be a team player?  Are you able to assess current conditions and plan in a positive manner to move forward and not diminish the efforts of past board members and their actions? If so, why, or do you have any examples?